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Mediation Services


Mediation FAQ

A mediator is a neutral party trained to help you find your own solutions. A mediator will clarify communication, explore options, and focus the conversation. All parties have an opportunity to express their point of view and participate in the discussion. For many, mediation is a satisfying and affordable means to resolved legal disputes.

Port City Legal has an established mediation practice, assisting couples to craft their own divorces and parents to work together to create co-parenting plans for their children. In the emotional area of family law, mediation offers an effective and less expensive approach to those who seek to work together rather than litigate.

Probate administration is another area of the law where emotions run high. Dealing with grief and loss as well as financial expectations and needs, family members sometimes approach probate from very difficult angles. Mediation offers an alternative to the time, money and stress of litigation – and also offers the possibility of reaching agreement and thus salvaging family relationships.